What is a Roof Safety System?

Understanding Roof Safety Systems

A roof safety system encompasses various components designed to prevent falls and ensure the safety of personnel working at heights on roofs. These systems are crucial in industrial and commercial environments, offering reliable protection against the inherent risks of working on roof spaces. Roof safety systems can include guardrails, safety lifelines, roof anchors, and walkway systems, each tailored to meet the specific requirements and layouts of different roof types.

Fall Arrest Systems

Rooftop Safety Lifeline System

The Rooftop Safety Lifeline System such, a vital part of our fall protection systems, ensures that workers can perform their tasks safely without the risk of falling. This system is specifically designed for environments where fixed fall protection options are impractical. It allows workers to move freely and safely across the roof, connected at all times to a safety line.

Kee Line Roof Safety System
Handsfree fall protection

Why Use Kee Line Personal Protection?

  • Continuous Protection: Workers remain securely attached at all times, providing consistent fall protection.
  • Customised Solutions: Designed to accommodate various roof types and configurations.
  • Certified Safety: Fully complies with the rigorous standards of EN 795:2012, ensuring robust fall protection.


Edge Protection Roof Guardrail Systems

Kee Guard Freestanding Roof Edge Protection represents an essential segment of our fall protection offerings. This system serves as the first line of defense against falls, providing a barrier that keeps workers safely within the confines of the roof. Fo more details on safety standards and regulations for working at height, visit the Health and Safety Executive

Kee Guard Roof Safety System
KeeGuard roof guardrail for collective protection on Ireland’s roofs

Flexible Edge Protection Solutions for Your Specific Roof

  • Modular System: Adaptable to accommodate complex rooftop obstacles and varying roof types, ensuring seamless installation and robust protection.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Available in various colours to blend with the building, enhancing both safety and aesthetics.

Roof Anchors

Mobile Man Anchor Systems

Our Mobile Man Anchor System is designed for flexibility and ease of use, providing effective fall protection where permanent anchor points cannot be installed. This system is particularly useful for temporary setups or where roof penetration must be avoided to maintain integrity and warranties.

Man Anchor Roof Safety System

Key Features:

  • Installation Ease: Quick to deploy without the need for drilling or permanent modifications.
  • Versatility: Its modular design makes it easy to transport and assemble, offering reliable fall protection on various roof types.

Horizontal Lifelines

Kee Walk with Guardrail

Kee Walk is an integrated fall protection system that includes a horizontal safety lifeline and guardrails, ensuring safe access across the roof. This system is designed for maximum safety and flexibility, accommodating different roof layouts and ensuring workers are protected from edge-related risks.

Kee Walk Roof Safety System
Kee Walk with guardrail provides safe roof walkway with collective edge protection

Benefits of Kee Walk:

  • Adaptive Design: Tailors to specific roof contours, providing safe, defined access paths for maintenance and inspection tasks.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Combines robust walkways with safety guardrails, encapsulating workers in a secure environment.

Roof Walkways

Safe Rooftop Walkway Systems

Kee Walk systems offer a safe, anti-slip path across various roof types, protecting the roof surface from wear and traffic damage while ensuring the safety of maintenance personnel. This system is essential for any comprehensive roof safety strategy, facilitating safe and efficient access to work areas.

Kee Walk Roof Safety System
Kee Walk rooftop walkway for sloped roofs

Advantages of Kee Walk Systems:

  • Modular Configuration: Easily configured to suit any roof layout, ensuring effective protection and safe access.
  • Enhanced Safety: Provides a durable and safe pathway, effectively mitigating the risk of falls from heights.

Kee® Step Roof Step Overs

Kee® Step Roof Step Overs create a safe, anti-slip route over rooftop objects and obstructions without penetrating the roof membrane. Adjustable step sections allow for use on both flat and sloped roofs, offering a versatile solution for safe access in complex environments.

roof safety system kee step

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Safe Rooftop Access: Tailored to span over pipework, HVAC systems, and other obstructions, custom-built for each specific roof.
  • Traverse All Levels: Handles changes in level and height on various roof types, ensuring secure access.
  • Modular Design: Allows for easy installation without welding, providing flexibility and minimal site disruption.
  • Long Lasting and Slip Resistant: Made from durable materials like aluminium or galvanised steel, with slip-resistant treads compliant with BS 4592.

Why Kee® Step?
Kee® Step platforms are essential for maintaining high safety standards, and complying with rigorous safety regulations such as BS EN 14122-3. They are designed and tested to ensure reliability and compliance with current safety standards.

A roof safety system is an essential investment for any industrial building where personnel are required to work at height. By understanding the different types of systems available and how they function to prevent falls and provide safe access, building owners and managers can make informed decisions about the best solutions for their specific needs.

At APS, we offer a range of reliable and compliant roof safety systems, including fall arrest systems, roof edge protection, mobile fall protection, and roof walkways, to ensure the health and safety of your workers.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Project For more information or to discuss how our roof safety systems can be integrated into your project, please contact our experts. We are committed to providing high-quality, reliable solutions tailored to meet the specific safety requirements of your industrial or commercial project.