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Kee Step Stepover Platforms

APS Safety Systems are premium providers of Kee Step bespoke stepover platforms, platforms that provide a safe means of access up and over obstacles on rooftops and various other environments such as warehouses, maintenance plants and factories. These module safe access stepover platforms create a bridge over obstacles and trip hazards such as pipeing, industrial machinery and cabling, and can be used on a variety of roof types. 

We are now supplying pre-assembled stepover platforms to suit all roof types, including asphalt, concrete, membrane and PVC and a range of min roof stepovers for safe access over low level obstacles.

Our Kee Step stepover platforms are easy to assemble and maintain. Our large step-overs are designed in accordance with EN14122-3 for assured operation. Our smaller mini step-overs, are compliant to EN516 Class 1-C and are suitable for cable trays and low-lying pipework etc. Once installed, the Kee Step provides safe access and demarcation of allowable walking routes.

Safe Access Platforms for Rooftop Plant Maintenance

We at APS Safety Systems are experts in providing safe access to plant equipment positioned at roof level for regular maintenance.

No matter how much planning goes into a roof space, obstructions caused by pipework, cabling, conduits and plant equipment can’t always be prevented.

APS Safety Systems help your teams work safely at height, eliminating the risks of slips and trips, whilst preventing damage to plant equipment.

When regular access to the roof area is hampered by obstacles or changes in roof level, our Bespoke Access Platforms can be designed to your specific requirements, and tailored to meet virtually any configuration of height and width, to provide safe, rapid access.

  • Pre-assembled sections-easy installation
  • For obstacles from 600mm-1400mm high
  • Designed to BS 14122-2/3:2016
  • Stepovers do not require any roof penetration fixings
  • Mini stepovers for obstacles ranging from 200mm to 400mm in height
  • Additional handrails can be provided if necessary
  • Made from galvanised steel
  • Suitable for internal or external use
  • Lockable gates can be included
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Why stepovers?

Compliant to industry standards

Our stepover platforms are designed in accordance with UK and EU safety standards for assured operation. Bespoke units can be designed to suit your project.

For your piece of mind

Our safety experts will provide assistance from start to finish. We will answer your questions, design solutions and provide drawings, run site survey and even help you install the units. Just get in touch.

Suitable for most environments

Made of corrosion resistant Kee Klamp fittings and featuring anti-slip threads, Kee Step suits all types of industrial environments and can even be permanently left on a roof.

Kee Step Roof Safety Systems FAQs

1. What are roof safety systems and how do they contribute to fall protection?
Roof safety systems encompass a range of solutions designed to prevent falls and ensure the safety of personnel working at height. These systems include edge protection, fall arrest systems, and safe access platforms like the Kee Step stepover platforms, which help navigate over obstacles like roof lights and air conditioning units safely.

2. How do safe access stepover platforms enhance roof safety?
Safe access stepover platforms are crucial for overcoming physical obstructions on roofs such as pipes, ducts, and cabling. They are part of comprehensive roof safety systems, ensuring workers can move safely across different roof levels and around equipment, reducing the risk of trips and falls.

3. Can fall protection systems be tailored to different types of roofs?
Yes, our fall protection solutions, including safety lines and anchor points, are versatile and can be adapted to various roof types including asphalt, concrete, and PVC. These systems are crucial for providing secure and reliable fall restraint and fall arrest solutions across different building environments.

4. What should be considered when installing fall protection systems on roofs with varying levels and obstacles?
When installing fall protection systems on complex roof structures, it is essential to consider factors such as the height and placement of roof levels and obstacles like ductwork and roof lights. Our team designs bespoke solutions, providing drawings and conducting site surveys to ensure that each system offers maximum protection and compliance with health and safety regulations.

5. Are there specific industry standards for roof safety and fall protection systems?
All our roof safety and fall protection systems, including mobile man anchors and edge protection, comply with UK and EU safety standards such as BS 14122-2/3:2016. These standards ensure that the systems provide effective protection against fall hazards, safeguarding workers’ health and safety.

6. How does APS Safety Systems support clients with roof safety system installations?
At APS Safety Systems, we offer full support from the initial inquiry to installation. Our expert team assists with design, provides safety audits, and ensures seamless installation of fall protection and safe access systems. We also offer maintenance and training to ensure that your roof safety solutions continue to operate effectively, protecting your workers and your projects.

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