Kee Platform® Modular Access Platforms

Bespoke or off-the-shelf safe access stepover platforms

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Bespoke modular access platforms designed to prioritise the safety of your team.

Approximately 20% of all non-fatal roof injuries in Scotland result from falls from heights.

Our certified access platform solutions are instrumental in averting these hazards in your workplace. The Kee Platform® (modular access platforms) ensures the safety of your team, preventing potentially life-threatening falls and safeguarding your workplace for decades.

Bespoke modular access platforms for flexible design

Are you looking for custom-made access platforms for your site that can be designed according to your specific requirements? Our bespoke and modular solutions offer you the flexibility to customize the design as per your needs.

The Kee Platform® is designed with modularity and is offered in both aluminium and steel options, equipped with Kee Lite and Kee Klamp fittings. These access platforms are highly secure, durable, and resistant to corrosion. The use of readily available fittings facilitates rapid and straightforward delivery and construction, minimizing on-site disruptions.

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Personalised Modular Access Platforms

APS Kee Platform is adaptable to meet nearly any requirement. These platforms are tailor-made and can be designed up to 3m in height. For elevated access needs, additional support arms are incorporated into the platform construction. Featuring a lightweight, portable, and user-friendly design, these platforms are an ideal solution for challenging-to-reach areas, whether for machinery access, warehouse racking maintenance, or vehicle maintenance.

We provide each platform with detailed construction drawings. While small platforms can be delivered fully assembled, they should be inspected before use. Larger platforms are delivered in component form and assembled on-site by APS skilled engineers.

Our Kee Platforms adhere to relevant standards such as EN 1004:2004, BS 1139-6:2005, or PAS 250. CAD drawings accompany quotations, allowing you to visualize the recommended platform design.

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Versatile Modular Access Platforms for Various Roof Types

For adjusting to changes in roof levels or providing a secure work platform, Kee Platforms offer safe access over pipework, plant equipment, and conduits.

Modern roofs often feature various trip hazards, posing challenges for safe access where traditional solutions like ladders or portable access platforms may not always be suitable. Enter our Bespoke Mobile Access Platforms, constructed to adapt to virtually any configuration, height, and width.

Kee Platforms are modular platforms designed for easy and rapid installation, available in both freestanding and fixed configurations on a suitable surface. These units are crafted from galvanized steel or aluminum, meeting current regulations and standards, including BS5395: Part 3 and EN: 14122.

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Why Choose Bespoke Modular Access Platforms?

Our services encompass site surveys, platform design, and product installation, ensuring a seamless fit for your project without any hassle.

  • Tailored to Your Requirements – We can deliver any type of access solution, whether it’s a bespoke maintenance platform designed for the aviation industry or a step-over platform facilitating access over a roof or parapet.
  • Robust and Corrosion-Resistant – Our bridging access systems are crafted from either steel or aluminum, ensuring suitability for diverse environments, including factories, warehouses, or outdoor settings.
  • Diverse Options – Choose from various specifications, such as the platform color (any RAL color), the type of feet required (fixed, freestanding, wheels), or integration with an existing safety system.
  • Quick and Easy Installation – Our modular step-overs allow for rapid on-site assembly without the need for welding.
  • Safety Compliance – Rest assured that all our products adhere to industry standards, providing a secure and reliable solution.

Examples of how Kee Platform used on different obstacles

Roof parapets | Air-con systems | Piping | Cable trays | Low level pipework

A few examples of diverse applications of Kee Platform across various industries.

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