What are Overhead Mansafe Systems for Fall Protection?

If you’re a worker carrying out tasks at height, whether servicing an airplane, or maintaining rolling stock in a rail depo or fixing machinery in an industrial unit, you’re all too aware of the risks involved with a fall hazard. One slip or trip could have severe consequences.

Mansafe Systems for fall protection are vital. These safety systems function as your ally, providing much-needed peace of mind.

In this blog we will delve deeper into what these systems are, the different types offered by APS Safety Systems, and the particular benefits of their overhead fall protection system Kee Track, an overhead rigid rail fall protection system.

We also explore the importance of prioritising fall restraint over fall arrest, improving safety conditions for workers like you.

What are Overhead Mansafe Systems for fall protection?

What is a Mansafe System?

A Mansafe System is one type of Personal Fall Protection where a harness and lanyard is used by a worker to connect to an anchor system or point, to either retrain them from reaching fall hazards, or (and as a last resort), catch them should a fall take place.

Mansafe Systems are used across a broad spectrum of industries, wherever work is performed at height and safety is paramount.

Overhead Mansafe Systems in particular are widely used in the aviation, rail and transport industries (to name a few). Here, they allow maintenance crews to securely work on the surfaces of aircraft, rolling stock and vehicles, allowing them to carry out maintenance duties, hands free, with full freedom of movement, while protecting them in the event of a fall.

Overhead Mansafe Systems, including the Kee Track rigid rail system, provide a critical last line of safety, for when work absolutely needs to take place and the fall hazard cannot be removed. Kee Track facilitates a fall arrest system that dramatically reduces the risk of injury and removes the ability to reach the ground should a fall take place.

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Types of Mansafe System

As experts in fall protection systems, APS offers a range of Mansafe Systems to cater to diverse applications. These include:

mansafe overhead system in the event of a fall

Kee Track Overhead Mansafe Systems

At the heart of our Mansafe systems range is the Kee Track Overhead Rigid Rail System. A pinnacle of engineering, this system exemplifies a blend of innovation and safety, designed to protect workers operating overhead systems at heights.

These Mansafe Systems stand out due to their flexibility and high degree of mobility, ensuring workers can move freely, while still providing a layer of protection in the event of potential falls.

Features & Benefits of the Kee Track Overhead Rigid Rail System

  • Multi-User System: The Kee Track system is designed to support multiple users concurrently, making it ideal for busy work environments.
  • Continuous Coverage: Offering continuous overhead protection, it allows workers to move around confidently, knowing they’re safeguarded at all times.
  • Easy Installation: The system is easily installed on existing structures, making it a cost-effective and convenient overhead fall protection solution.
  • Compliant: The system complies with all current safety standards, ensuring a robust and reliable solution on which you can depend.

In essence, the Kee Track Overhead Rigid Rail System is a powerful tool for enhancing workplace safety for those working at heights, providing peace of mind to both workers and employers.

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Prioritising Fall Restraint Systems

When it comes to fall protection, the hierarchy of control for working at height gives priority to fall restraint over fall arrest. This hierarchy is vital in dictating the most effective safety measures, with the ultimate goal being to eliminate the hazard altogether.

The hierarchy of control for working at height is a fundamental aspect of risk management in high-risk environments. It prioritises fall restraint over fall arrest and provides a systematic approach to address fall hazards.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Elimination of the Hazard: The first and most effective step is to eliminate the hazards completely whenever possible. This may involve carrying out the work at ground level when feasible.
  2. Substitution: If elimination of the risk isn’t possible, substitute the high-risk activity with a less perilous one. This might involve using a remote-operated equipment from the ground instead of manually conducting work at height.
  3. Engineering Controls: These involve using physical alterations or protective systems such as Kee Track overhead rigid rail system to minimise the risk of falls.
  4. Administrative Controls: This step involves implementing changes in the work procedures, providing training, and employing safety signage. This would ensure that individuals are well informed about the risks and how to manage them safely.
  5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): This is the last line of defence and involves equipping workers with safety gear like helmets, harnesses, and safety nets to protect them in case of a fall.

Fall arrest systems act as a last line of defense, designed to catch workers and mitigate injury in case of a fall. While these systems are essential, they come lower in the hierarchy as they control the event of a fall once it occurs, rather than preventing it.

By always prioritising fall restraint over fall arrest, we can reduce the risk of falls and the accompanying serious injuries or fatalities. This approach not only maximises worker safety but also aligns with the best practices set out by the hierarchy of control for working at height in industrial environments. It ensures that each worker returns home safe at the end of the day, which is, after all, the ultimate goal.

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APS Mansafe Systems

Mansafe Systems are a paramount investment for ensuring safety in high-risk working environments. APS offers a range of various Mansafe overhead system systems, including the standout Kee Track Overhead Rigid Rail System. This system offers continuous overhead protection, supports multiple users, and aligns with the hierarchy of control for working at height.

Importantly, this system is easy to install, cost-effective, and complies with current safety standards, providing workers and employers with a reliable safety solution. Remember, the ultimate goal is to ensure each worker returns home safely at the end of the day.

For expert advice and a comprehensive range of Mansafe systems, get in touch with APS today. You can trust us to help you safeguard your employees with the most effective fall protection solutions. Don’t leave safety to chance; it’s better to prevent a fall than to arrest one.