Safety Solutions at Marine Manufacturing Facility

APS has installed a range of safety systems at one of the UK’s largest marine manufacturing and repair facilities, to allow for safe roof and valley gutter access for maintenance.

The Project

The client required high and low-level rooftop access for maintenance work at their facility on the North Sea. The existing ladders located on their site were no longer compliant and needed to be replaced.

As the client serviced many high-profile business streams – both naval and commercial – they required a quick, fully compliant solution to ensure access. Thanks to the strong relationship APS has nurtured with the client over the past 11 years, installing and maintaining fall protection and access solutions on many occasions, we were selected to provide this solution.

Between August and September 2020, highly skilled and fully qualified APS engineers removed all existing low-level ladders, and, in partnership with structural engineers, designed and installed a new fixed access ladder (CAT ladder) solution. The new ladder features steel supports, allowing access to the low-level roof area as part of a new fire access strategy, designed by us to meet building control requirements.

As well as this, a Kee Klamp rooftop guardrail solution was installed at the ends of existing valley gutters, protecting those accessing them from the leading edge. Kee Klamp is an ideal solution when collective fall protection is required, with the robust and innovative modular design removing the need for on-site welding, rapidly increasing installation speed. The incredibly durable hot-dip galvanised design also makes it perfect for use in coastal areas such as on the North Sea.

Alongside the Kee Klamp roof guardrail, APS also supplied Valley Walk systems for low and high-level roof areas, reinforcing the safety of users when traversing valley gutters. These unique, lightweight mobile walking frames are designed especially for short-duration work in valley gutters, and make inspection, cleaning and resealing maintenance work simple and safe.

On the high-level roofs, further CAT ladders were installed to provide safe access to valleys. To ensure the positioning of these ladders was compliant with BS EN 14122-3/4:2016, we slightly altered the gantry. This steelwork was designed by APS structural engineers and supplied by our partners BSG.

Another Kee Klamp system was installed at the valley ends and over existing access ladders. Self-closing Kee Gates were installed here to allow access from the high-level gantry into the low-level valley gutters. Spring-loaded industrial safety gates provide far greater protection than sliding bars or chains, reducing the risk of user error and maximising safety. Designed and built from galvanised Kee Klamp components, the durability of these gates is guaranteed for years, even in the harsh climate of the North Sea.

The Results

Overall, the client was extremely happy with the final result. At a total cost of £45,000 and with work completed in under two month, APS was able to ensure safe, regular access to the roof for this client at a reasonable price, with minimal disruption.

To discuss your fall protection or safe access needs, or to hear more about the APS range of safety products and solutions, call us on 01418 806688, or use our online contact form.

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