Safe Access Stepover Platforms for Scottish Pharmaceuticals

APS Safety Systems worked with a local Scottish pharmaceutical facility to provide safe, effective, modular, off-the-shelf step-overs called ‘Kee Step Safe Access Stepover Platforms’ to help their team navigate obstructions on the roof.

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About the Client

In response to annual safety inspection findings, a pharmaceutical company based in Scotland sought the expertise of APS Safety Systems to comprehensively assess and address their safety needs. This case study delves into the sales process and the significant benefits that the implementation of the Kee Step Safe Access Stepover Platforms brought to the client.

Sales Process: A Collaborative Approach

The pharmaceutical company’s journey to enhanced safety began when engaged with APS Safety Systems, a reputable player in the safety solutions industry. APS wasted no time in initiating contact and swiftly arranged a site meeting to evaluate the safety requirements at the client’s Scotland location. This proactive approach set the stage for a fruitful collaboration.

During the site visit, APS conducted a thorough inspection of the premises. This meticulous examination was instrumental in identifying several safety requirements that needed immediate attention. The pharmaceutical company’s commitment to safety was evident from the outset, as they recognized the importance of addressing these concerns promptly.

Subsequent discussions between APS Safety Systems and the pharmaceutical company led to a mutual agreement to phase the safety improvement works. This approach allowed the client to prioritize critical safety enhancements while working within their budget and resource constraints. It underscored the client’s commitment to making incremental improvements to their safety protocols.

A pivotal moment in the collaboration came when the pharmaceutical company decided to place an order for the Kee Step Safe Access Stepover Platforms, a specialized safety product offered by APS Safety Systems. This decision not only marked a significant step forward in bolstering safety standards but also showcased the trust and confidence the client had in APS’s ability to deliver a tailored solution that would meet their unique safety needs.

Benefits to the Client: Transforming Safety Standards

The implementation of the Kee Step Safe Access Stepover Platforms at the pharmaceutical company’s Scotland facility ushered in a new era of safety, bringing forth several noteworthy benefits:

  1. Enhanced Rooftop Safety:The pharmaceutical industry often requires employees to work on rooftops, which can be inherently dangerous. The Kee Step Safe Access Stepover Platforms provided a secure means for personnel to traverse between the parapet and the roof. This simple yet effective solution significantly reduced the risk associated with rooftop tasks. By offering a stable and reliable platform, the Kee Step Safe Access Stepover Platforms are not only ensured the safety of employees but also minimized the potential for workplace accidents or injuries.
  2. Compliance and Engineering Excellence: APS Safety Systems left no stone unturned in delivering a safety solution that met the highest standards of compliance and engineering excellence. The Kee Step Safe Access Stepover Platform was meticulously engineered to not only meet but exceed all relevant safety standards and regulations. This level of attention to detail provided the pharmaceutical company with the peace of mind that their safety needs were being addressed with the utmost professionalism and expertise. Compliance is not merely a checkbox; it’s a commitment to ensuring that every aspect of the safety solution is designed and constructed to safeguard lives and property.

Result: A Paradigm Shift in Workplace Safety

APS Safety Systems played a pivotal role in elevating safety standards at the pharmaceutical company’s Scotland location. Through close collaboration and tailored solutions, APS not only improved safety but also demonstrated their unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in safety systems and engineering.

This case study exemplifies the transformative impact that proactive safety measures can have on workplace safety within the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical company’s decision to partner with APS Safety Systems led to a safer work environment, mitigated risks, and increased employee well-being.

As the pharmaceutical industry continues to evolve, safety remains a paramount concern. Companies that prioritize safety not only protect their employees and assets but also bolster their reputation as responsible and conscientious organizations. APS Safety Systems stands as a shining example of a partner dedicated to helping organizations uphold these values and achieve the highest standards of safety. In the pharmaceutical industry, where precision and attention to detail are paramount, APS Safety Systems has proven itself as a trusted ally in the pursuit of excellence in safety and engineering.


Kee Step Safe Access Stepover Platforms_Enhancing Pharmaceutical Facility’s Safety Standards Kee Step Safe Access Stepover Platforms_Enhancing Pharmaceutical Facility’s Safety Standards