Enhancing Rooftop Safety: Installation of Kee Step Stepover Platform at Major Supermarket

In a strategic collaboration with a major engineering company, APS Safety successfully enhanced the rooftop safety at a Yarrow Supermarket through the installation of the Kee Step Stepover Platform. This innovative solution addresses the critical need for safe and compliant access over hazardous rooftop obstacles, ensuring the protection and efficiency of maintenance personnel.

The Client

In collaboration with a leading provider of construction and maintenance services in the UK, APS Safety delivered a comprehensive solution that enhanced operational efficiency and safety across various industries. The provider manages a wide range of services, including project management, installation, and maintenance, ensuring compliance with regulations, avoiding unnecessary danger, and maintaining a safe working environment for their personnel.

The Challenge

The provider implements safety measures that align with industry standards and best practices. Their commitment to safety and efficiency made them an ideal partner for the project at a leading supermarket in Yarrow, where the objective was to enhance rooftop safety for maintenance personnel. APS have previously collaborated on safeguarding this Yarrow premises with the installation of Kee Guard keeping workers safe from falls. However, the rooftop still had numerous obstacles from the installation of HVAC piping posing risks of trips, slips, and falls for workers.

Designing a Solution

After an initial consultation and thorough inspection of the roof, it was agreed that the best solution for the layout of this rooftop would be to implement a series of stepover platforms around the piping, allowing safe access up and over the obstacles. Our Kee Step system offered the optimum solution due to its robust design and versatile nature. Made from high-quality materials designed to ensure durability and safety, including:

Galvanized Steel: Provides excellent corrosion resistance and long-term durability, making it ideal for outdoor use. The system can withstand harsh weather conditions without deteriorating.

Modular Components: Kee Step platforms are constructed using modular components, including tubular fittings and standard modules. This modular design allows for easy customization and quick assembly without the need for welding, reducing on-site disruption and installation time.

Non-Slip Treads: The platforms feature non-slip nylon treads compliant with BS 4592 standards, ensuring safe footing for maintenance personnel in all weather conditions.

A focus on comprehensive safety measures, supported by APS’s expertise, showcases a proactive approach to maintaining high safety standards. This collaboration not only enhances site safety but also promotes an environment where compliance and efficiency go hand in hand.

Features of Kee Step

1. Customisable Design: The Kee Step system can be tailored to meet specific site requirements. Its modular design allows it to be configured for various heights and spans, making it adaptable to different rooftop layouts and obstacles.

2. Safety Compliance: Kee Step systems conform to and often exceed relevant safety standards, including BS EN 14122-3 and OSHA regulations. This compliance ensures that the platforms provide a safe working environment and meet regulatory requirements.

3. Non-Penetrating Installation: The system does not require roof penetration, which preserves the integrity of the roof membrane and prevents potential leaks. This feature is particularly beneficial when installing over sensitive areas like HVAC piping.

4. Slip Resistance: The non-slip surfaces of the Kee Step system provide secure footing, minimizing the risk of slips and falls. This is especially important when maintenance personnel are navigating over HVAC piping and other rooftop obstacles.

5. Long-Lasting Protection: The galvanized steel construction offers robust protection against corrosion, extending the lifespan of the system and ensuring it remains safe and functional over time.

Kee Step

The Importance Of Regular Inspections

Ensuring ongoing compliance and safety at the Yarrow site involves regular inspections, recertification, and maintenance of the installed Kee Step system. APS Safety provides comprehensive fall protection testing services, including annual and semi-annual inspections to verify the integrity and functionality of safety systems. Our fall protection testing services are designed to meet all regulatory standards, ensuring that the Kee Step system remains compliant with relevant safety regulations. These services help identify and address potential issues early, maintaining the effectiveness of safety measures and protecting maintenance personnel over the long term.


The installation of the Kee Step system at the Yarrow site demonstrates the effectiveness of APS Safety’s solutions in enhancing workplace safety. By addressing the specific needs of the client and providing a robust, compliant, and cost-effective solution, APS Safety has significantly improved the safety and operational efficiency of the site. The Kee Step system’s durable construction, compliance with safety standards, and ease of installation make it an ideal choice for ensuring safe access over rooftop obstacles such as HVAC piping.

In addition to the Kee Step system, we offer a range of other services to meet diverse safety needs:

Guardrails & Handrails: Including the KeeGuard system for roofs and safety barriers for ground-level applications, designed to prevent falls and improve safety in various environments.

Lifelines & Anchors: Comprehensive solutions for fall protection, including rooftop lifelines, mobile man anchors, and davit arms, ensuring safety at height.

Platforms & Walkways: Modular access platforms and safe rooftop walkways, providing secure access across challenging surfaces.

Gates: Self-closing industrial safety gates and mezzanine/pallet gates, enhancing safety and efficiency in industrial settings.

Fragile Roof Solutions: Skylight protection and access platforms, designed to protect workers on fragile surfaces.